Are You Ready for Accreditation?

By Rosario Nunez

Achieving accreditation is one of the biggest milestones for privately held educational institutions. The process takes between 18 to  24 months depending on the chosen accrediting agency.

We are frequently asked about the eligibility criteria. Want to know if your institution is ready? Here is a list of the most common requirements:

  • It is an institution in the private sector whose principal activity is education.
  • It is located in the United States or its territories.
  • All of its programs are career-focused and designed to lead to employment or advancement in a career field.
  • It is properly licensed, chartered, or approved to provide education beyond the secondary level under the laws and regulations of the state(s) or territories in which it operates.
  • It must have been legally operating under the same ownership and continuously providing instruction as an institution for at least the prior year (institutions offering bachelor's degrees must have been in operation for at least two years).
  • It has enrollments in the program(s) to be included in the grant of accreditation to allow evaluation of student outcomes.
  • It has at least one graduating class from the longest program(s) offered.
  • It meets the financial stability requirements for the most recently completed fiscal year.
  • It maintains satisfactory retention, graduation, placement, and licensure rates on a programmatic and institutional level.
  • It has the administrative capabilities to support the educational programs offered.
  • It has not been previously denied accreditation nor candidacy status.
  • The owners or staff in executive positions do not have records of improper use of funding.

Accreditation will change your institution for the better. New processes and procedures will be implemented to establish checks and balances. Make sure everything you do for accreditation’s sake is incorporated into the daily aspects of running your organization. Make good use of all the effort and investment: it is worth it!

For a list of approved accrediting agencies by the United States Department of Education visit

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