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Are you considering opening a school? It is a rewarding experience that requires planning, a significant monetary investment as well as dedication. Opening a school is a long-term investment that pays in full when your heart is all in. 

What is the First Step?
Opening a school starts with applying for a state license that will allow your institution to offer degree, diploma, or certificate programs.

Is it Complicated to Open a School?
It can be an overwhelming experience for first-time owners. Decisions made at the time of the initial application shape the institution's journey for the first five years. 

What is Needed to Open a School?
Requirements vary depending on the type of school you plan to open and the State where it will be located. Visit your state's education department website for information on their application process.

We Offer You 15 Years of Experience
Bayside Projects puts 15 years of experience in higher education at your service. We have helped many new school owners start this exciting venture. Our services include the planning, application, implementation process, and the necessary mentoring for the first years of operation.

Complimentary Consultation
​Contact us at today at 786-618-2277 or to request the first appointment. 

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