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Open a School in Miami

If you are looking into opening a school in Miami we can help. We have been assisting new school owners in Florida for over 15 years.


What is the First Step?
To open a school in Miami you will need to apply for a license with the Florida Department of Education.

What are the Requirements? 
The requirements are different depending on the type of school you are planning to open in Miami, and the programs you are planning to offer.

We Offer You Our Experience
Bayside Projects experience of 15 years in higher education is available to you through our consulting services. We have assisted many new school owners open a school in Miami,  including the planning, application and mentoring to get each client in their way to a great start.

Opening Your First School?
If you are in need of assistance opening your first school in Miami or anywhere else in Florida, we are more than happy to assist.  

Start Ready for Accreditation
Accreditation is our expertise. We will help you open a school in Miami already doing all needed in documentation and policies to stay in compliance and ready for accreditation.  

Complimentary Consultation
​If you are planning to open a school in Miami we are just minutes away. Call us at 786-618-2277 or via email to schedule a first appointment to introduce you to basic steps to get started.  

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