Cost optimization is the continuous effort to reduce costs while maximizing business value. The results of its application ensure purchases of hardware, software, and network connectivity are streamlined. It is a long-term solution for IT budget allocation.​

The IT Cost Optimization consulting services we offer will assist you:

  • Implement shared services across departments
  • ​Adopt cloud services to save on infrastructure
  • ​​Consolidate data centers
  • ​Standardize enterprise applications
  • Evaluate IT asset management policies


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Technology Consulting

IT Cost Optimization Consulting Services

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Bayside Projects offers consulting services in the areas of IT Cost Optimization and IT Risk Management. We provide each client with a customized solution based on our many years of experience in information technology for corporate accounts.      ​​​

The IT Risk Management consulting services we offer:

  • Identifies potential points of vulnerability
  • Sets the risk tolerance for the organization
  • Implements IT risk management processes
  • Establishes best practices and monitors compliance


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IT Risk Management Consulting Services

A successful risk management plan assists organizations in understanding the full range of faced risks. It also embraces a holistic approach that emphasizes anticipation and understanding of the impact risks could have on an organization's strategic goals.