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 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bayside Projects provides consulting services to higher education institutions such as universities, colleges, vocational, and trade schools. We assist with new school applications, accreditation, and SEVP certifications. Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Need assistance with your educational institution? We are glad to help! Request a free consultation by calling 786-618-2277, completing the free session request form, or emailing [email protected]. We are available to assist you with your current project and to provide education consulting on continued compliance.

Visit the pages listed next for details on each one of our areas of education consulting expertise: 

We have helped many new school owners start their institutions and achieve accreditation. Once accredited, schools are able to begin the application process with the Federal Department of Education to participate in federal student aid Title IV funding.

Visit Resources and References for School Owners for information on higher-ed publications, directories of recognized higher education accrediting agencies, approved translation and evaluation agencies, Title IV funding eligibility, application links, and more.

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