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School Compliance

We offer the services needed to assist your school achieve and maintain compliance, as well as the services and guidance needed to achieve State Funding and Federal Financial Aid.  

The Most Common School Compliance Issues
Do you know what the most common school compliance issues are? Read our article on the Top 10 List of Higher Education Site Visit Deficiencies.

A High Price to Pay
​School compliance is the what makes or brakes schools on the long run. The biggest consequences related to school non-compliance are how costly they are to the school's owners, the negative effect it has on students overall satisfaction, and how badly it affects the school's image.

Maintaining Your School in Compliance
​Do you know what is required to maintain your school compliance in good standing? Requirements vary depending the type of school you own and the regulatory agencies overseen your institution. Make sure to familiarize with their rules and regulations.

Our Experience at Your Service
Bayside Projects staff counts with over 15 years of experience in higher education. We have helped many new school owners develop a system that incorporates school compliance to their institution's daily operations. 

Do You Need School Compliance Assistance? 
We will be more than happy to help your institution move to the next level. ​

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation
Contact us at 786-618-2277 or via email info@baysideprojects.comregarding to schedule a a first appointment and assesment about your school's compliance. 

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