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The third module is dedicated to providing training on how to prepare the annual institutional planning and assessment procedure required by the chosen accrediting agency. The Federal Department of Education requires accreditors to confirm institutions have established this strategic planning tool. Each accreditors call this report differently: strategic plan, institutional assessment plan, or program effectiveness plan, among others. 

Module deliverables:

  • ​Institutional Plan Guidelines
  • Quarterly Evaluations Guidelines.
  • Institutional Planning Training.​


ACCSC, ABHES, COE and TRACS Accreditation

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Achieving Accreditation in 4 Milestones

​​Accreditation consulting is one of our areas of expertise. Let us help you achieve this goal! 

This accreditation consulting package includes four modules, allowing your institution to concentrate on one particular goal at a time. Milestones are paid separately once the module it set tp start. Each module includes ten (10) Zoom training sessions. ​​​​​

We specialize in accreditation consulting services for ACCSC, ABHES, COE, and TRACS. Interested in learning more about each one of these accreditors, their eligibility requirements, and process? We invite you to visit the dedicated pages we have created for each.

​ACCSC Accreditation

ABHES Accreditation

COE Accreditation

TRACS Accreditation


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Taking your career school or college from licensed to accredited in 4 milestones. 

Our Consulting Services

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Free Resources

During this first module, we select the accrediting agency that best fits your institution, confirming accreditation eligibility,  and aligning your school operations with its standards. We specialize in ACCSC, COE, ABHES, and TRACS accreditation.

Module deliverables:

  • Student Catalog Review.
  • Sample Student and Employee Files.
  • Program Outcomes Report.
  • Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Compliance and Operations Training.


Bayside Projects provides compliance and accreditation consulting services to higher education institutions in all 50 states, such as universities, colleges, technical, and vocational schools. We specialize in consulting for ACCSC, ABHES, COE, and TRACS. Need assistance making the first step? Request a complimentary consultation.

ACCSC Consulting Services
ABHES Consulting Services
COE Consulting Services
TRACS Consulting Services


This second module is dedicated to the implementation of the specific meetings, reports, and evaluations required by your chosen accreditor.  A customized annual operations calendar will help you stay on track with the new responsibilities.  

Module deliverables:

  • Annual Operations Calendar.
  • Annual Meetings Guidelines.
  • Surveys & Reports Guidelines.
  • ​Annual Program Review Guidelines.
  • Meetings, Reports, and Surveys Training.


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Choosing the accreditation agency that will best serve your institution is a very important step. You want to make sure that the accreditor will allow for your institution's growth for the years to come. Visit Getting Started with Your Institution Accreditation for the process we recommend to select the optimal accreditor for your specific scenario. Still feeling overwhelmed? We are happy to offer you a complimentary consultation to evaluate your institution and the best accreditation options. 


Accreditation may feel like an impossible task beyond your reach. After assisting client schools with accreditation for many years, we have prepared the Getting Started with Your Institution Accreditation that will help you get organized and steadily move toward your institution's accreditation success. Download the reference guide.

​​​​Want to know if your institution meets the most common accreditation requirements? Visit our accreditation eligibility requirements page and download the reference guide. Visit our Top 10 List of Visit Deficiencies page for a list of the most common accreditation visit findings.

Visit our free accreditation resources page for ACCSC, ABHES, COE, and TRACS free reference guides


Accreditation in 4 Milestones

By completing modules 1, 2, and 3, your institution should be operating in compliance with the chosen accrediting agency. Now we are ready for the final milestone: providing the training on how to prepare applications, exhibits, and onsite visits.  Incorporating the documentation generated through modules 1, 2, and 3 is the key to ensuring accreditation success!

Training topics:

  • Confirming Accreditation Readiness.
  • Applications and Exhibits.
  • ​Preparing the Accreditation Visit.
  • Responding to the Onsite Visit Report.


After all the work is done, will the applications and exhibits satisfy the accreditor to grant your school initial approval? The key to success relies on how well the institution has incorporated the new way to operate and document as per the first three modules.   


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Choosing the Accrediting Agency


Serving the US career school and college


Need assistance getting started? We are glad to help! We serve institutions in all 50 US states and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a BBB A+ Rating. Request a free consultation by calling 786-618-2277, completing the free session request form, or emailing [email protected]. Let us help you achieve this goal. We are available to assist your career school or college in achieving accreditation. 

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How Long is the Accreditation Process?

On average, a school accreditation process takes about 24 months once the initial application is submitted, assuming the institution fully complies with the chosen accreditor eligibility requirements and can complete the accreditation milestones without delays. Some accrediting agencies have a longer accreditation process. Refer to your chosen accreditor's website for their specific cycle.