The completion of continuing education classes is a common annual requirement for licensed and accredited institutions, such as vocational schools, career schools, colleges, and universities.  

Administrative Personnel CEs

Administrative personnel complete classes related to their responsibilities, such as admissions, career services, student services, financial services, and campus management. 

Faculty CEs

Faculty members complete classes related to instructional methodologies and topics specific to their area of instruction.

CE Online Providers

The easiest way to comply with this requirement is to complete them online via a nationally recognized provider. We recommend Career College Central. Visit their website for the list of CEU courses and free professional development resources.

Attending Workshops and Conferences

Some workshops and conferences provide a certificate of completion that attests to the CEUs completed. Do your homework and confirm before enrolling.

Creating Your Own CEU Training

You may also choose to develop the training to be provided in-house. Make sure to confirm with your state licensing office and accreditor regarding any specific requirements or approvals before you get started.

How Many Hours Are Required?

The standard requirement is 8 hours per year. You may want to review your school regulatory agencies' standards.

Documenting CEUs

Missing CEUs is one of the most common findings of school onsite visits. Very important to keep the certificates of completion in each employee file up-to-date.

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Continuing Education for the Career School and College CEs

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Complying with your institution's annual continuing education (CE) requirement. 

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