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TRACS Eligibility Self-Assessment

Are you considering starting the accreditation process with TRACS? Download our free TRACS Eligibility Self-Assessment to evaluate if your school complies with the initial application requirements. Request a complimentary consultation. Understanding the application requirements will help you plan for this important milestone.


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TRACS Readiness Self-Assessment

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Moving from Licensed to Accredited in 4 Milestones

Visit our TRACS Accreditation News page to check the upcoming conference dates, standards updates, and commission meetings.

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Visit our TRACS Accreditation Page for answers to the most common questions. Great starting point. It includes the application milestones, resources, tips, and how to align your school with the Transactional Association of Christian Colleges and Schools. 

TRACS Starter Consulting Package

Accreditation is probably the most challenging and rewarding experience your institution will ever go through. Our Licensed to Accredited Reference Guide will help you visualize the internal process your institution will go through to achieve this goal. The tasks to be accomplished are grouped into 4 distinctive milestones. We are available to assist you in successfully completing them. Each milestone builds the foundation for the next. No skipping!


Accreditation is rewarding and challenging at the same time. Count on us to help you accomplish this goal. We serve institutions located in all 50 states. Request a free consultation by calling 786-618-2277, emailing  [email protected], or completing the free session request form. We are available to assist your school with our TRACS accreditation consulting services.


Transactional Association of Christian Colleges and Schools Consulting Services


Download Our Free TRACS Reference Guides

TRACS Accreditation Consultant

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  • We are subject matter experts.
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  • Provide mentoring and training.
  • ​Implement industry best practices.
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Achieving accreditation starts with understanding the accreditation process and aligning your institution's operations with TRACS standards. We invite you to download our free TRACS Readiness Assessment. It includes a list of 41 core elements common to institutions in compliance with accreditation and operating following best practices. Need assistance? We are here to help.


​We are available to help you accomplish the first step of your accreditation journey: aligning your institution's operations with best practices and TRACS standards.

This consulting package includes:

  • Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Operations Manual.
  • Meeting Guidelines.
  • Survey Guidelines.
  • Sample Student and Employee Files.
  • Catalog Review.
  • Ten Zoom Training Sessions.
  • Ten Additional Consulting Hours. 


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TRACS Complete Consulting Package

TRACS Upcoming Conference & News

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This consulting package includes four modules that align with TRACS's accreditation process. This approach allows your institution to commit to one objective and consulting fee at a time. You may cancel our services at any time without penalties. Each module focuses on one of the Licensed to Accredited Milestones and includes ten (10) Zoom training sessions:

Module 1 - Aligning with TRACS Standards.
Module 2 - Implementing Annual Evaluations.
Module 3 - Issuing Your Annual Assessment Plan.
Module 4 - Preparing the Accreditation Documents.​​​​​

Interested in learning more? Contact us for a complimentary consultation. Clients that have already completed the TRACS Starter Consulting Package only contract Modules 2 through 4.

We provide consulting services to institutions interested in starting the accreditation process with TRACS. This page includes a list of services and resources available.   ​ 

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Assistance with TRACS accreditation for career schools and colleges. Download our free eligibility and readiness assessments. Request a complimentary consultation.